Stepping Stones Childcare & Preschool

Stepping Stones Childcare & Preschool

Stepping Stones Childcare & PreschoolStepping Stones Childcare & PreschoolStepping Stones Childcare & Preschool

Over 30 Years of Quality Care 

About Us

Stepping Stones Childcare & Preschool

Our Mission 

Stepping Stones Childcare & Preschool strives to assist the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of each individual child. We aim to provide a safe, fun, supportive and nurturing atmosphere where all children are able to express their creativity freely. Stepping Stones provides the highest quality of care by assisting the children their journey through, education, exploration and play. 

Caring for your child is a responsibility we take very seriously. It is our goal to provide a loving atmosphere that emphasizes the development of the whole child - mind, body, and spirit. We have been serving this community for over 30 years. We have qualified teachers and staff who are dedicated to providing quality child care and education for our children. 


Stepping Stones Childcare & Preschool began in the year 1990 by Ms. Janice Hoehn. With her love, vision, and passion, she built Stepping Stones Childcare & Preschool. Janice remained as an owner until October 2019 and still remains actively involved with Stepping Stones and the new owners. Janice has had the privilege of seeing several individuals (who were once her children at the childcare) grow, blossom, graduate, and bring their children to the childcare as well. We thank Ms. Janice for providing over 30 years of quality care. 


Enrollment at Stepping Stones Childcare & Preschool is open to children from six weeks to age twelve. We have an open door policy for our families. Please call today and ask about space and enrollment. 

Meet the owners

Adel & Rafael

Adel is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has been working with children since 2009. She began her career working at a private practice servicing children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and other special needs. Subsequently, she worked at schools catering to “at risk” youths. For the past 3 years she has had the privilege of running her own private practice working with children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. 

Ralph, is an attorney in private practice focused on civil litigation. In addition, Ralph has a broad business background having worked as an executive in a variety of business settings. During his spare time, Ralph provides pro bono work as a Guardian ad Litem for children involved in the Department of Children and Families. 

"Owning a daycare has been a long term dream of ours. We feel blessed to have found a center with such a long and successful history of providing quality, caring, and family oriented childcare. Ms. Janice has dedicated the last 30 years of her life to Stepping Stones Childcare and Preschool and her commitment and hard work will always be the foundation of this center. Our goal is to build upon the foundation Ms. Janice has laid for the center. We plan on retaining all staff, and on keeping all established policies, procedures and activities as they presently are. Where opportunities exist, we plan to invest in making the center even better than it already is." - Adel & Ralph